Rental Process

Trailer Rental Process

Whether you're organizing a small gathering or a large-scale commercial event, we have the perfect trailer solution for you. When planning for a restroom, shower or laundry trailer rental, it's crucial to begin by determining the right size for your unique needs. Follow the steps below, or simply request a quote and we'll get all the information from you that we need.


1. Determine what size restroom trailer you need. 

  • 2 stall: 100-175 people
  • 3 stall: 175-250 people
  • 4 stall: up to 300 people
  • 5 stall: up to 300 people
Check out our full list of trailers here!

2. Request a Quote

Give us information about your event, date, etc.

3. Pay for your rental deposit and sign rental agreement

We will send you 2 email invoices that you can pay for via credit card. The first payment is to reserve the trailer. The second payment is due 2 weeks prior to delivery. You'll also receive a rental agreement via email which you need to sign and return!


4. We'll get any extra information from you before your rental date.

We want to make sure the delivery time and location of the delivery is perfect for your event!

Text us with any questions you may have!

Refund policy: Initial deposits are nonrefundable. After second payment is received, the second payment is nonrefundable within 2 weeks of delivery.