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shower trailer rentals
At Mobile Thrones, we understand the importance of a refreshing shower, even in challenging environments. Our shower trailer rentals provide an exceptional shower experience with luxury amenities and a commitment to cleanliness. All of our shower trailers for rent are delivered after thorough sanitation to ensure your comfort and well-being. 

Explore our range of shower trailers below. 


8 Station Shower Trailer 

Quick Specs 
  • Length: 35' 
  • Width with Stairs: 12' 4" 
  • Power Required: 220 Volt-50 Amp 
Key Features 
  • Eight private shower stalls for individual comfort 
  • Spacious interior for a relaxed shower experience 
  • Climate control for optimal comfort in all weather conditions 

10 Station Shower Trailer 

Quick Specs 
  • Length: 35' 
  • Width with Stairs: 12' 4" 
  • Power Required: 220 Volt-50 Amp 

Key Features 
  • Ten private shower stalls to accommodate larger groups 
  • Spacious interior with modern amenities 
  • Climate control ensures comfort in various weather conditions

Applications for Shower Trailer Rentals

Our shower trailers are versatile and designed to meet the showering needs of various events and settings, ensuring a refreshing shower experience for guests and attendees. 
Construction sites can be dusty, dirty, and demanding. Our shower trailers ensure that construction workers have access to clean and refreshing showers, promoting overall comfort and hygiene on the job. Clean and refreshed workers are more productive and motivated. In the world of construction, where tough conditions are the norm, our showers provide a much-needed oasis of cleanliness, helping workers feel revitalized and ready to tackle their tasks with renewed energy.  
Renovations often disrupt the availability of bathroom facilities, leaving individuals and workers in need of alternatives. Our shower trailers offer a convenient solution during bathroom renovations, ensuring that you can maintain personal hygiene and comfort while your space is being upgraded. Whether it's a gym revamping its facilities, a homeowner renovating their bathroom, or any renovation project in between, our showers provide a clean and refreshing escape from the inconvenience of construction. 
Sporting events and tournaments often require participants and attendees to stay fresh and comfortable. Our shower trailers provide a convenient way for athletes and sports enthusiasts to refresh themselves after a day of activities, ensuring they can continue enjoying the event at their best. Whether it's a marathon, a soccer match, or a cycling event, our showers help athletes stay at the peak of their performance, ensuring they give their all on the field. 
Outdoor job sites, including remote camps in various industries, from agriculture to forestry, benefit from our shower trailers. They provide workers with the means to maintain personal hygiene, ensuring comfort and well-being in demanding outdoor settings. Whether it's a remote work camp or an outdoor job site, our shower trailers offer a convenient and refreshing solution to keep workers at their best. From forestry to farming, workers can now stay clean and rejuvenated in challenging work environments, contributing to their overall job satisfaction and efficiency.
During emergencies and natural disasters, access to clean and safe shower facilities is essential for affected individuals and relief workers. Our shower trailers are suitable for disaster relief efforts, offering a refreshing shower experience during challenging times. Whether it's a hurricane, a flood, or any other crisis, our showers provide a moment of comfort and cleanliness, fostering resilience and restoring a sense of normalcy to those in need. 
Campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a refreshing shower experience in recreational areas, campgrounds, and parks. Our shower trailers enhance the outdoor adventure by providing a convenient and hygienic showering option. Whether it's a weekend camping trip, a hiking expedition, or a day of exploring the great outdoors, our showers ensure that nature enthusiasts can embrace the beauty of the wilderness while maintaining modern comforts. After a day of outdoor exploration, our showers offer a welcome retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. 
In military operations and training, cleanliness and hygiene are essential for maintaining the well-being and morale of service members. Our shower trailers play a critical role in meeting these needs. Whether it's a training base or a deployment site, our versatile shower trailers provide military personnel with a convenient and refreshing shower experience. A hot shower can offer a sense of normalcy and rejuvenation during demanding assignments, boosting the morale and motivation of our dedicated troops.

Experience Luxury & Convenience with Portable Shower Trailers

No matter the occasion or setting, Mobile Thrones' shower trailers are designed to provide a refreshing and comfortable shower experience. Contact us today to inquire about our shower trailer rentals and discover how Mobile Thrones can help you ensure hygiene and well-being in various settings. Elevate your expectations, elevate your standards—choose Mobile Thrones for the shower experience you deserve.  

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