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About Mobile Thrones

Our Story

Mobile Thrones was born from a vision to transform the restroom experience at events and locations across the United States. The journey began when Greg Vogel, our founder and visionary, purchased a restroom trailer for his North Carolina beach volleyball club at the end of 2019. His commitment to providing high-quality restroom facilities led to the establishment of our restroom trailer business, Mobile Thrones, as he continued to invest in more trailers.

As Mobile Thrones grew, so did our team. Greg joined forces with Chet Frist and Adam Gillespie, bringing together a trio of professionals with extensive experience in customer service and logistics. Their collective expertise and a shared passion for impeccable restroom experiences became the driving force behind our expansion.

 At Mobile Thrones, we take your comfort seriously, and we aren't afraid to admit that our secret weapon is the invaluable input from our leaders' wives. With their keen eye for detail and a dash of feminine flair, they ensure that every aspect of our business is designed with your unique needs in mind. Whether you're at a special event, on a construction site, or any location requiring temporary restroom facilities, we've got you covered.

restroom trailer business

Our Mission

At Mobile Thrones, our mission is simple yet profound: As a portable toilet company, we will always provide first-class restroom facilities and customer service to match. In an industry where communication and accountability often fall short, we have set the bar higher. We believe in the timeless adage that "The customer is always right," and we strive to uphold this principle in every interaction.

A Commitment to Cleanliness

We take the cleaning and maintenance of our restrooms seriously. Each interior surface of our trailers undergoes a thorough cleaning and disinfection process between clients. Your health and well-being are paramount, and we spare no effort in ensuring our facilities meet the highest standards of hygiene.

Join Us in Redefining Restroom Rentals

Experience the Mobile Thrones difference for yourself. We invite you to discover the luxury, cleanliness, and unmatched customer service that have become synonymous with our name. Elevate your restroom experience with Mobile Thrones. Reach out today to reserve your mobile throne and experience restroom luxury like never before.

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